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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Images from the 2018 Evanston Motorcycle Classic.

OK, its a little late but life takes precedence sometimes. For those who haven't read my previous blog post, the reason for the watermark is simple: I don't like image thieves and with an automated process involved its easy to make it as difficult as possible for copyright theft as I have had previous experience with people who think they cant steal images with impunity.

I dont mind sending a few low res images to those who ask (No, really- Just ask) but this is what I do for a living and while I have fun with just about every aspect, I'm also happy to sell high resolution images and prints upon request. Images for publication are the exception. None of my images get published without my express consent, in writing.

But on to the fun part- This was the second year for the Evanston Motorcycle Classic and it was a great time! Much gratitude to Randy Wait and his crew of volunteers as well as the sponsors who made this such a fun event.

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