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Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Mods Vs Rockers event here in Chicago!

Running from the evening of Friday June 15 and ending the night of Saturday June 16 was the annual Mods vs Rockers motorcycle event here in Chicago. I'm posting just a small selection of what I shot because frankly, thats all I have time for right now. Attended by all kinds of riders on the motorcycles and scooters makes for an amazing display of new and old technology, stock and custom work and a great cross section of the culture!

Soon images will be available for sale so please keep in touch! Send me an email if you'd like to get the announcement of the new site going live soon!

I know you may find my watermark annoying but unfortunately some people refuse to respect an artists hard work. You still get the idea of the image and images purchased from me do not have the watermark. If you'd like to post my images elsewhere please ask first.