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Sunday, September 9, 2018

More car show images.

This is about a month's worth of images from local car shows that took place in August (2018).

Why the watermark? Its pretty simple: Thieves. People who think just because they see an image online that its theirs to do what they wish, without any form of authorization. Watermarks in the corner of the image get cropped out by those more ignorant, and most, if not all will post images elsewhere without even giving proper credit to the photographer. One of my favorites I usually see on  some social media platforms is attributing the credit to the "original photographer" without any name or other reference.

Not helpful.

I once had a car show organizer blatantly remove my copyright from the EXIF information, add their own and when called on it claimed ignorance and used the excuse that it was their "software" that was doing it and not them along with that they had no idea how to fix it. Further conversation resulted in nothing but more ignorance and belligerence. Even funnier was that this particular argument came from a person in the creative industry who by the very nature of their business knew better. Better yet is that this particular individual always posts a request that anybody posting images from their shows "have the courtesy" to mention the organization.

Yeah, I'll get right on that.

This same individual, emboldened by nothing more than a large ego which was more fragile than an eggshell would always complain that they couldn't create a good image with their own camera because it wasn't as good as mine. After hearing that one a few too many times I finally said "Why don't you let me use yours and I'll prove to you once and for all that no camera is better than the eye behind it.". Problem solved. It was never said to me again after that.

The copyright problem was solved with the threat of filing a DMCA Takedown notice with their hosting provider. The chain of emails back and forth with this particular individual (Dragged out for three months by the other person) was exactly what was needed along with clear proof that I was the creator of record.

If you'd like a low-resolution copy of an image (Or more than one) just ask. Full resolution images are available for sale. Again, just ask.

So, here they are: