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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Remembering my High School photography classes.

While working on some images this evening, I was reminded of the two photography teachers I had in High School. Freshman year I had Mr. Duenow (sp?). He was a true artist who recognized and encouraged creativity along with the passion that powered it. Never afraid to critique, but never degrading. He taught how to look at things differently, then see more.

Senior year I had Mr. Currie. He was a narrow minded, controlling person who would give low grades to anybody who deviated from his (lack of) creative vision or produced work that didn't look like it came from the camera and eye of Ansel Adams himself. If you didn't play by his rules, he would go out of his way to embarrass you in front of the other students.

Mr. Duenow taught me how to bend/change the rules. Mr. Currie (inadvertently) taught me how to fracture them.