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Monday, July 25, 2016

Having a little fun with my Nikon D3.

Yes, its old. Announced in 2007 and I got mine back in early 2009. Its still one hell of a camera and its seen much use by me as well as a little abuse. In some ways (Hand-held, high ISO, low light for example) its better than my D800.

Here are some recent examples that prove its still quite useful: These images were taken on the evening of July 18, 2016 around 9PM, so it wasn't exactly sunny ;)

Images originally were shot as RAW files. I have little interest in the amateurs credo of SOOC or anything along those lines. I'm a professional and I shoot RAW.

Oh, and regarding the watermarks- The only people who have ever said anything negative about them are amateurs who don't understand the necessity of a professional protecting their image rights. My clients understand that their images wont have a watermark.


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